Transmission tariffs 2020 - 2021

Transmission tariffs 2020 - 2021

Reg.(UE) 460



Information to be published before the annual yearly capacity auction

Art. 29 (a)

Information for standard capacity products for firm capacity (reserve prices, multipliers, seasonal factors, etc.)

Reserve prices in PI Csanadpalota

Reserve prices in PI Giurgiu - Russe, PI Negru Vodă I - PI Isaccea I

Multipliers and seasonal factors

Art. 29 (b)

Information for standard capacity products for interruptible capacity 

Interruptible standard capacity products


Reg.(UE) 470

Description Information/link
Art. 30 (1)(a) Information on parameters used in the applied reference price methodology related to the technical characteristics of the transmission system. Technical capacity at entry points
Technical capacity at exit points

Estimated contracted capacity

Gas flow volume and direction for entry and exit points and related assumptions
Peak day gas flow scenario
Network structural representation with adequate details and additional technical data on the transmission network 
Art. 30 (1)(b)(i)

Information on the allowed and/or target revenue.

TSO's allowed revenue for the period 01.10.2020-30.09.2021 and the annual changes in the TSO's revenues
Art. 30 (1)(b)(ii) Information related to changes in the revenue.
Art. 30 (1)(b)(iii) Information related the following Parameters: types of assets, cost of capital, capital and operational expenditures, incentive mechanisms and efficiency targets, inflation indices. Parameters used to establish the TSO's revenues

Art. 30 (1)(b)(iv,v)

Information on the transmission services revenue including capacity-commodity split, entry-exit split and intra-system/cross-system split. Indicators of the total revenue approved for the period October 2020-September 2021

Art. 30 (1)(b)(vi)

Information related to the previous tariff period regarding the reconciliation of the regulatory account. Reconciliation of the regulatory account
Art. 30 (1)(b)(vii) Information on the intended use of the auction premium.

Intended use of the auction premium

Art. 30 (1)(c)

Information on transmission and non-transmission tariffs accompanied by the relevant information related to their derivation.

Information on the approved tariffs for the  01.10.2020-30.09.2021

Art. 30 (2)(a)

Information on transmission tariff changes and trends.

The trends of the approved tariffs during  01.10.2019-30.09.2021
The forcasted tariffs evolution durring the fourth regulatory period
Art. 30 (2)(b) Information about the used tariff model and an explanation how to calculate the transmission tariffs applicable for the prevailing tariff period. Simplified method for the calculation of gas transmission tariffs.