NTS Interconnection

The import/export of natural gas to/from Romania is achieved by seven cross-border interconnection points:



Interconnection pipeline

Technical specifications

Total technical capacity


Orlovka (UA) - Isaccea (RO) *

LLC GAS TSO UA ® Transgaz

DN 1000,

Pmax = 45 bar

6,85 Sbmc/y at Pmin=35 bar

Tekovo (UA) - Medieşu Aurit (RO) **

LLC GAS TSO UA ® Transgaz

DN 700,

Pmax = 75 bar

2,71 Sbmc/y at Pmin=47 bar

Isaccea 1 (RO) - Orlovka 1 (UA)

Transgaz «  LLC GAS TSO UA

DN 1000,

Pmax = 55 bar

6,85 Sbmc/y at import capacity at Pmin=46,5 bar

4,12 Sbmc/y export capacity*** at Pmin=35,4 bar


Szeged (HU) - Arad (RO) -  Csanádpalota (HU)

FGSZ «Transgaz

DN 700,

Pmax = 63 bar

2,63 Sbmc/y import capacity at Pmin=40 bar

1,75 Sbmc/y export capacity at Pmin=40 bar


Iași (RO) - Ungheni (MO)

Transgaz« Vestmoldtransgaz

DN 500,

Pmax =55 bar

1,88 Sbmc/y export capacity at Pmin=39,5 bar

0,73 Sbmc/y import capacity la Pmin=24 bar


Giurgiu (RO) - Ruse (BG)

Transgaz. « Bulgartransgaz

DN 500,

Pmax = 50 bar

1,50 Sbmc/y export capacity at Pmin=40 bar

0,92 Sbmc/y import capacity at Pmin=30 bar

Kardam (BG) - Negru Vodă 1 (RO)

Transgaz « Bulgartransgaz

DN 1000,

Pmax = 55 bar

6,36 Sbmc/y on export capacity **** at Pmin=31,5 bar

5,31 Sbmc/y import capacity at Pmin=45 bar

* This interconnection point is not used since there is no interconnection agreement concluded. Gas import from Ukraine is currently performed through Isaccea 1.

**For this point the Romanian TSO and the Ukrainian TSO are having discussions on the  signature of a new Interconnection Agreement.

***capacity is offered on an interruptible commercial basis as the Annex to the Interconnection Agreement on gas quality requirements is not signed.

****Capacity conditioned by capacity booking at the Isaccea 1 IP in the UA-RO direction.



    Cross-border NTS interconnection points