Domestic and international natural gas transmission

According to G.D. no. 334/2000 and the updated Articles of Incorporation, Transgaz' purpose is to fulfil the national strategy established for natural gas transmission, natural gas dispatching and research - design in the field of natural gas transmission by carrying out, in compliance with national legislation, acts of commerce corresponding to the object of activity.

Transgaz' main activity - NACE code 4950 - " Transmission via pipeline" - activity defined by law as the activity organised for the transport of natural gas through the National Natural Gas Transmission System (SNT) or other transmission systems. Transgaz also carries out complementary and other related/secondary activities in support of its main activity in accordance with the legislation in force and its Articles of Incorporation, as updated.

According to the regulatory framework applicable to the natural gas sector, Transgaz carries out natural gas transmission activity on the basis of specific sectoral legislation, the Concession Agreement concluded with the National Agency for Mineral Resources, approved by G.D. no.668/2002, with subsequent amendments and additions, and License no. 1933 of 20.12.2013 for the operation of the natural gas transmission system issued by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), valid until 08.07.2032.

The natural gas transmission activity constitutes a public service of national interest and is included in the regulated segment of the internal gas market. The transmission service is provided under a natural monopoly on the basis of a regulated tariff set by ANRE. Contracts for the provision of transmission services are concluded, as a rule, for a period of one gas year, based on the framework contract annexed to the Network Code for the National Gas Transmission System, approved by the Order of the President of ANRE no.16. /27 March 2013 with subsequent amendments and additions, to the Order of the President of ANRE no. 130/24.06.2020 on the establishment of measures for the reservation of transmission capacity at the interconnection points of the National Gas Transmission System of Romania with the natural gas transmission systems of Romania's neighbouring countries, with subsequent amendments and additions, and to the Order of the President of ANRE no. 34/19.07.2016 on the Methodology for reserving transmission capacity and setting tariffs for the provision of natural gas transmission services through the Isaccea - Negru Voda transmission pipelines, as subsequently amended and supplemented.