Test lab


The equipment checking and testing laboratory has been included in the structure of the Gas Research and Design Centre, Medias in 1971, subordinated to the Combustion Process Research and Designing Workshop. The lab activity was focused mainly on the study, design and optimization of the gas fuel combustion process of the industrial and non-industrial burners.
Starting with 1990, due to the Romanian economic crisis and particularly due to the heavy industry, the object of the lab’s activity has gradually diversified, due to the decrease in the market interest especially in terms of industrial burners, and due to the increase in the number of testing requests in terms of homologation of other equipment related to the natural gas industry, i.e. regulators, meters, valves, hose assemblies, separation and odoration equipment.


The laboratory is provided with the technical competence required for the following types of tests:

  • Lab and field measurements and technical valuations for burners/ combustion equipment (especially of gas fuels).
  • Tests for the natural gas pressure regulators within inlet pressure ranges of up to 6 bar and flow rates smaller than 1,600 Scm/h.
  • Tests for other devices /equipment designed for the natural gas installations (block valves, natural gas hose assemblies, electro-insulating nipples).
  • Noise level measurements.
  • Other measurements specific to the natural gas sector.


Metering equipment 
Presently the laboratory is endowed with a great variety of high precision metering devices, for the determination of the following physical values:


Type of equipment

Metering range

Precision (the best value)

Relative pressure and draught

Digital indicators, 
Digital calibration gauge, 
Exhaustion gas analyzer

0-70 bar for pressure;

± 50 hPa for draught


Relative pressure

Analog pressure gauges

0-60 bar

0.25 %

Absolute pressure

Digital pressure gauge

0-10 bara

0.07 %

Differential pressure

Digital indicators

0-700 mbar

0.1 % FS

Temperature (immersion, gas)

Digital thermometers, 
Digital calibration gauge, Exhaustion gas analyzer, Digital thermo-hydro-anemometer

0.1200 Celsius degrees, depending on the device and type of probe

0.01 Celsius degrees


Digital thermometers

0-300 Celsius degrees

0.0 Celsius degrees

Natural gas flow rates

Lobed-impeller meter

8-160 m3/h



Digital calibration gauge

0-60 V

0.004 %


Digital calibration gauge

0-52 mA

0.05 %


Digital calibration gauge

0-20000 Hz

0.1 Hz

Electric resistance

Digital calibration gauge

0-2000 ohms

0.020 %

O2 concentration in  exhaust gas

Exhaustion gas analyzer

0-21 %

± 0.2 %

CO2 concentration in  exhaust gas

Exhaustion gas analyzer

Value calculated depending on the type of fuel

± 0.2 %

CO concentration in  exhaust gas

Exhaustion gas analyzer

0-8000 ppm

± 20 ppm

NO concentration in  exhaust gas

Exhaustion gas analyzer

0-2000 ppm

± 20 ppm

NO2 concentration in  exhaust gas

Exhaustion gas analyzer

0-100 ppm

± 10 ppm

SO2 concentration in  exhaust gas

Exhaustion gas analyzer

0-2000 ppm

± 20 ppm

CH4 concentration

Portable digital detector


± 5%

Mercaptan concentration

Portable digital detector




Digital thermo-hydro-anemometer

0-100 m/s

± 2.5%

Atmospheric humidity

Digital thermo-hydro-anemometer

0-100 % rH

± 2 %

Natural gas dew point

Digital dew point meter

-120 - +30 Celsius degrees

± 1 Celsius degree

Total gas humidity

Digital Carl – Fischer apparatus


± 1µg

Noise level

Digital noise and vibration analyzer

0-140 dB

0.1 dB

Testing equipment
Regarding the test stands and the technological equipment of the Laboratory, the endowment is as follows:
Metallic furnace 20 m3/h designed for horizontal flame burners, especially for industrial use
Metallic furnace 200 m3/h designed for horizontal flame burners for industrial use
Forging furnace with heat treatment – provided with blast heating device and designed for horizontal flame burners for industrial use
Test stand for gas pressure regulators for domestic use