The National Gas Transmission Company “TRANSGAZ” S.A., is a Romanian legal entity having the legal form of a joint-stock company and operating in accordance with the Romanian laws, the Articles of Incorporation and its own Rules of Organization and Procedure approved by the Board of Administration.

SNTGN Transgaz SA was established in 2000 based on Government Decision no. 334/28 April 2000 on the restructuring of the National Gas Company "Romgaz" S.A., published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 194/04.05.2000.

SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA has within its structure functional entities (divisions, units, departments, offices, compartments, etc.) and production entities (regional operating centres, sectors, laboratories, workshops, etc.), set up on the basis of structure rules approved by the Board of Administration.

SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA conducts its business at the following locations:

  • Headquarters of SNTGN Transgaz SA: Mediaş, C.I. Motaş Square no. 1, Sibiu county, code 551130;
  • Maintenance Division: Mediaş, George Enescu St. no. 11, Sibiu county, code 551018;
  • Research and design Division: Mediaş, Unirii St. no. 6, Sibiu county, code 550173;
  • Gas Merket Operation Unit Bucharest: Bucharest, Calea Dorobanţi no. 30, sector 1, code 010573;
  • SNTGN Transgaz SA Representative Office – Romania: Bucharest, Primăverii bvd., no. 55;
  • SNTGN Transgaz SA Representative Office Brussels – Belgium: Brussels, Luxembourg St. no. 23;
  • General Inspection Unit: Bucharest, Calea Victoriei no. 155, sector 1, code 010073;
  • Research and Design Workshops Brașov, Nicolae Titulescu St. no. 2;
  • Secondary office SNTGN Transgaz SA: Mediaș, I.C. Brătianu St. no. 3, bl. 3, apt. 75, Sibiu county.


SNTGN Transgaz SA Subsidiaries in the Republic of Moldova are:

  • Limited Liability Company "EUROTRANSGAZ": 7/E Balcani Road, outside the built-up area, village Ghidighici, Chisinau, Moldova;
  • Limited Liability Company "VESTMOLDTRANSGAZ": 7/E Balcani road, outside the built-up area, village Ghidighici, Chisinau, Moldova.


SNTGN Transgaz SA comprises 9 regional operating centres and one subsidiary:

  • Regional Operating Centre Arad, Poetului St. no. 56, Arad, Arad county, Romania, code 310369;
  • Regional Operating Centre Bacău, George Bacovia St. no. 63, Bacău, Bacău county, code 600238;
  • Regional Operating Centre Brăila, Ion Ghica St. no. 5, Brăila, Brăila county, code 810089;
  • Regional Operating Centre Brașov, Griviței St. no. 102A, Brașov, Brașov county, code 500449;
  • Regional Operating CentreBucharest, Lacul Ursului St. no. 24, Sector 6, Bucharest, code 060594;
  • Regional Operating Centre Cluj, Crișului St. no. 12, locality Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, code 400597;
  • Regional Operating Centre Craiova, Arhitect Ioan Mincu St. no. 33, Craiova, Dolj county, code 200011;
  • Regional Operating Centre Mediaș, George Cosbuc St. no. 29, Mediaș, Sibiu county, code 551027;
  • Regional Operating Centre Constanța, Albastră St. no. 1, Constanța, Constanța county, code 900117;
  • Mediaș Subsidiary, Șoseaua Sibiului no. 59, Mediaș, Sibiu county.



Map - Territorial organization of SNTGN Transgaz SA

The current organisational structure is of a mixed type: hierarchical-functional,  combined with elements of a matrix structure. This combines the advantages of a pyramidal structure: unity of action, unity of conception, correlation of objectives, harmonisation of resources, standardisation of procedures, operational information, efficiency, discipline, etc. with those of a functional structure: optimal use of specialists, application of 'best practices' (methodologies, procedures), functional and operational autonomy, initiative, etc.

The current structure also ensures a balance between decentralisation and autonomy: accountability down to the lowest level, management by objectives/budgets, well-defined medium and long-term strategy.

SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA is governed by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Administration. The Board of Administration delegates the management of the company to the Director-General. The Director-General represents the company in its relations with third parties.

The Director-General is responsible for taking all measures related to the management of SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA within the limits of the company's core business and in compliance with the powers exclusively reserved by law or by the Articles of Incorporation, the Board of Administration and the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The duties, tasks and responsibilities of the functional and production entities are detailed in the Company's Rules of Organization and Procedure.

Organisation Chart of the National Gas Transmission Company "Transgaz" SA