Object of activity

The National Gas Transmission Company “TRANSGAZ” S.A., established on the basis of Government Decision No 334/28 April 2000, is a Romanian legal entity having the legal form of a joint-stock company operating in accordance with Romanian law and its Articles of Incorporation. TRANSGAZ' S.A. shares are admitted to trading on the regulated market managed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, stock symbol TGN, Premium category.

"TRANSGAZ" S.A. is the technical operator of the National Gas Transmission System and ensures the performance in terms of efficiency, transparency, safety, non-discriminatory access and competitiveness of the national strategy established for domestic and international transmission, natural gas dispatching, research and design in the field of natural gas transmission, in compliance with the national and European legislation and standards of quality, performance, environment and sustainable development.

"TRANSGAZ" S.A. carries out the following activities:

  • Domestic gas transmission– monopoly regulated activity, with tariffs set on the basis of the methodology issued by the National Energy Regulatory Authority;
  • International gas transmission - unregulated activity carried out through dedicated pipelines, with tariffs set in accordance with the commercial contracts concluded between the parties;
  • Gas dispatching and research and design in gas transmission.

"TRANSGAZ" S.A. may carry out complementary other related activities in support of its main activity, in accordance with the legislation in force and its own articles of incorporation, and may purchase gas from domestic production or imports only for its own technological consumption or for balancing the National Gas Transmission System.



Name: The National Gas Transmission Company „Transgaz” SA  
Address: C.I. Motaş Square, No.1, code 551130, Mediaş, the county of Sibiu

Trade Register Office: J32/301/2000

Tax identification number: RO 13068733

Unique registration code: 13068733

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