Transparency information


Annex I to Regulation (EC) 715/2009
Furtder Information
3.1.2. (a)    
A detailed and comprehensive description of the different service offered and their charges  
3.1.2. (b) & (c) 1.    
Different types of transportation contracts and other relevant documents  
3.1.2. (c)    
Network code / standard conditions  
3.1.2. (c) 2.    
Specification of relevant gas quality parameters  
3.1.2. (c) 3.    
Pressure requirements  
3.1.2. (c) 4.    
Procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity  
3.1.2. d)    
Harmonised procedures applied when using the transmission system, including the definition of key terms  
3.1.2. (e)    
Provisions on capacity allocation, congestion management and anti-hoarding and reutilisation procedures  
3.1.2. (f)    
Rules applicable for capacity trade on the secondary market vis-à-vis the transmission system operator
No capacity trading rules on secondary market are applicable
3.1.2. (g)    
Rules on balancing and metdodology for the calculation of imbalance charges  
3.1.2. (h)    
Flexibility and tolerance levels included in transportation and other service witdout separate charge, any flexibility offered in addition and tde coressponding charges TSO does not provide flexibility levels.
TSO does not provide tolerance levels.
3.1.2. (i)    
Detailed description of the gas system of the TSO and its relevant points of interconnection / names of the operators of the interconnected systems or facilities  
3.1.2. (j)    
Rules applicable for connection to the system  
3.1.2. (k)    
Information on emergency mechanisms  
3.1.2. (l)    
Procedures agreed at interconnection points (if relevant) relating to interoperability of the network, agreed procedures on nomination and matching procedures and otder agreed procedures that set out provisions in relation to gas flow allocations and balancing  
3.1.2. (m)    
Description of tde metdodology and process used to calculate the technical capacity  
3.3. (1) (a) - (e) & (2) - (5)    
Capacities, nominations and re-nominations, actual physical flows, gross calorific values  
3.3. (1) (f)    
Planned and actual interruptions of interruptible capacity
3.3. (1) (g)    
Planned and unplanned interruptions to firm services as well as the information on restoration of the firm services (in particular, maintenance of the system and the likely duration of any interruption due to maintenance)
In the case of auctions,where and when firm capacity products with a duration of one month or longer have cleared at prices higher than then reserve price Attached documents  
Occurrence of unsuccessful, legally valid requests for firm capacity products with a duration of one month or longer including the number and volume of the unsuccessful requests Attached documents  
3.4. (1) & (2)    
Information on capacity trading on secondary market
No information on capacity trading on secondary market are available
3.4. (3)    
Balancing service
No balancing service are offered by the TSO
3.4. (4)    
3.4. (5)    

The gas volume from the gas transmission system in the beginning of the gas day and the estimation of the gas volume from the gas transmission system in the end of the gas day

The line pack in the beginning of the gas day

The hourly Line pack and the Line pack estimation in the end of the gas day