Pipeline diagnosis laboratory

  • Performance of cathodic protection projects to the underground  pipelines.
  • Equipped with professional equipment, auto laboratories and qualified personnel for the performance of the cathodic activities;


  • Measurement of the earth’s aggressiveness;
  • Measurement of the earth’s specific resistance;  
  • Measurement of the   pH of the earth;
  • Measurement of wall and coating thickness;
  • Determination of  the coating penetrating pressure.


  • Determination of the underground pipeline route  regardless of the coating quality and depth over an infinite length;
  • Determination of the underground pipeline routes parallel to the investigated one;
  • Determination of coating defects to the underground pipelines by non-destructive measurements, at the earth’s surface (including defect marking by GPS coordinates);
  • Measurement of the coating quality of road and water under-crossings, etc.

  • Determination of the coating  adherence  prior to pipeline interring;
  • Determination of cathodic protection conditions for a new pipeline;
  • Establishment of pipeline routes by GPS coordinates with a bias of less than 1 cm.