Integrated Management System

TRANSGAZ established an integrated management policy to systematically achieve quality, environmental, occupational health and safety and energy performance.

TRANSGAZ developed an integrated management system ensuring effective control over processes, risk mitigation and identification of opportunities. The integrated management system facilitates the achievement of results leading to sustainable business development and a high level of customer satisfaction.

In recognition of the efforts to increase competitiveness and improve performance, TRANSGAZ maintains its certification further to supervisory audit no. 1 of September 2022 in accordance with:

  • International quality standard - ISO 9001:2015;
  • International environmental standard - ISO 14001:2015;
  • occupational health and safety standard - ISO 45001:2018.

According to the 2023 Calendar of Main Activities for Continuous Improvement of the Adequacy and Effectiveness of the HSEQ IMS, all activities aim to increase the overall performance of the HSEQ IMS.

TRANSGAZ established annual programs for monitoring the pollution sources with an impact on the environment in compliance with the requirements of the relevant permits held.

The information and the fulfilment of the compliance obligation is notified to the competent authorities under the company's Annual Environmental Report.

Transgaz is committed to continuously improve the occupational safety and health procedures by identifying the hazards related to each job / workplace, controlling its own risks by assessing the results of risk management and rendering opportunities valuable, achieving objectives, complying with legal requirements and actions to resolve the identified nonconformities.

To prevent injury and work-related illnesses, and to ensure safe and healthy workplaces, the company carries out activities such as:

  • monitoring the health of workers;
  • providing personal protective equipment and hygienic-sanitary materials;
  • carrying out planned checks to improve occupational health and safety;
  • training to make workers, contractors, visitors aware of occupational safety and health risks.