Transgaz Logo 20 ani





20 years ago, a company which was based on the tradition and prestige of the Romanian gas industry started its business with a promise and a commitment: to skilfully and responsibly operate the National Gas Transmission System under performance conditions. This company is the National Gas Transmission Company TRANSGAZ SA which was established in 2000 following the restructuring and reorganization of the National Gas Company ROMGAZ SA.


Therefore, the domestic and international gas transmission, the gas dispatching and the research and design in the field of gas transmission became the pillars of TRANSGAZ SA Medias.


Considering its new mission, as Technical Operator of the National Gas Transmission System, TRANSGAZ defined ambitious strategic objectives which were persistently pursued by the company’s management and entire personnel.


We endeavoured and succeeded to ensure the safe, economic efficiency, energy security, competitiveness and sustainable development of the National Gas Transmission System as well as the maintenance of the performance and environmental standards imposed by the requirements of the new EU energy policy. 


For 20 years, even from the very beginning and until now, Transgaz has thrived, by the joint efforts of its management and employees, thus becoming “THE ENERGY HIGHWAY” and one of the top companies in Romania and Europe, a highly reputable company at national and international level.



We acted in line with the objectives of the National Energy Strategy, we made major investments crucial for the development and upgrading of the NTS infrastructure and we planned and implemented strategic investments for the interconnection between the NTS and the similar neighbouring countries’ transmission systems.


As proof of the company’s capability to constantly align its values and corporate culture with the ever-changing requirements of the business environment, of the company’s ability to achieve progress, to always apply the best relevant practices; TRANSGAZ, a company which has been active on Bucharest Stock Exchange for 12 years, managed to gain recognition on the capital market as well and became a portfolio company of great interest to the investors.


Should anyone wonder how TRANSGAZ achieved success, the answer would be embedded in the connection between the company’s management and its employees who based on a joint understanding of the assumed mission and vision have acted and will act in the spirit of the settled values: professionalism, expertise, quality and responsibility.


TRANSGAZ turned into a landmark on Europe’s energy map. It became a multinational energy company with a strategic role in the region, considering the projects conducted in the Republic of Moldova. It became the guarantor of the EU energy security commitments by the works for the implementation of the BRUA pipeline.


Now, with the occasion of this anniversary, TRANSGAZ would like to thank all employees, collaborators, domestic or foreign partners, clients and mass-media for all its accomplishments for the last 20 years. We take this opportunity to also thank all governmental decision-maker and all the representatives of the Romanian state and authorities which have supported and still support the company’s business.


We carry forward the promise made two decades ago and this was possible only due to the involvement and devotion of each and every one of you.