International natural gas transmission

Gas Transit Division

The Gas Transit Division deals with the dispatching, maintenance and operation of the main dedicated gas pipelines and of the equipment related thereto, designed for Russian gas transmission transiting Romania by Dobrogea region to the Balkan corridor.

The international gas transit activity started in 1974 by the commissioning of the first Dn 1000 mm gas pipeline of approx. 190 km between Isaccea (Tulcea county) and Negru Voda (Constanta), for the Russian gas transit to Bulgaria. Such activity developed in 1986 and 1996 by the completion of two new Dn 1200 mm pipelines on the same road in order to extend gas transmission to Turkey, Greece and Macedonia.

The Isaccea Gas Metering Station, for the gas under-crossing the Danube from Ukraine, ensures both the metering of imported gas and - together with Negru Voda Gas Metering Station - the metering of gas transited to third countries.

The dispatching activity ensures a permanent co-ordination of the external component related to the efficient co-operation with foreign partners, i.e.Gazpromexport, EAD Bulgartransgaz, the Balkan Dispatching Centre of Topenergy and the domestic component related to the Constanta Regional Dispatching Centre and the Medias National Dispatching Centre.