The National Gas Transmission Company, TRANSGAZ SA is the Romanian legal person incorporated as a joint-stock company performing its business under the Romanian laws, the Incorporation Document and its own Organization and Functioning Regulation as approved by the Board of Administration.

The company’s core business and the role played in the Romanian gas industry (and not only) renders TRANSGAZ a milestone tremendously important both for its upstream (producers, suppliers) and downstream (users, consumers) partners.

The provision of third party access to the National Gas Transmission System under nondiscriminatory, economically efficient and transparent conditions is a prerequisite for a proper functioning of the gas market.
Therefore, the changes in the domestic legislation, in line with the European framework, urged the company to implement such an organizational structure as to ease the information and operational flows for the improvement of the decision making process and of the overall business effectiveness.

The elaboration of the current organizational structure was based on such characteristics specific to Transgaz as follows:

  1. “business to business” public service
  2. territorial dispersion
  3. highly hazardous procedures and technologies
  4. high degree of standardization

The current organizational structure approved by the Board of Administration within the meeting held in July 2007 is a general staff hierarchical-functional structure.

TRANSGAZ consists of functional entities (divisions, directions, departments, offices, sections, etc.) and production entities (regional operating centres, sectors, labs, workshops, etc.) established based on norms approved by the Board of Administration.

The management bodies within TRANSGAZ are the Board of Administration and the General Assembly of the Shareholders. The Board of Administration assigns the company’s management to the Director General.

The Director General represents the company in terms of third party relationships.

TRANSGAZ’ Director General is responsible for management related decision making to the extent permitted by the company’s core business and in compliance with the exclusive authority granted by law or by the Incorporation Document to the Board of Administration or to the General Assembly of the Shareholders.

The undertakings and responsibilities of the functional and productive entities are minutely described in the company’s Organization and Functioning Regulation.

Organization and Functioning Regulation