Object of activity

The National Gas Transmission Company, “TRANSGAZ” S.A., established based on Governmental Decision no. 334/28 April 2000, is the Romanian legal person operating as a trading joint-stock company, under the Romanian legislation and its By-laws.

"TRANSGAZ"S.A. aims at the achievement of the national strategy on:

  • transmission
  • international transit
  • natural gas dispatching
  • Research-design in the field of natural gas transmission by performing, under the Romanian legislation, commercial deeds proper to its object of activity agreed in its By-laws.

For the support of the main object of activity "TRANSGAZ" S.A. may complementary perform other related activities, in compliance with the legislation in effect and with its own By-laws, except for the purchasing and trading of natural gas from domestic production or import.

“TRANSGAZ” S.A. is the technical operator of the national gas transmission system and it is responsible for its operation under quality, safety, efficiency and environmental conditions.

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