Site approval notice

„Emplacement permits are issued based on the Joint Order no. 47/1203/509/2003, issued by E.C.M., T.C.T.M, M.A.I, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 611/29.08.2003.

In order to receive the permit the beneficiary/applicant shall submitt at the headquarters of the regional office of Transgaz where the construction/works are to be executed (or at its subunits) a documentation drawn up according to the Annex. The contact details of Transgaz’ regional offices and sectors are included in Annex 1.2 to the above mentioned Order or at – the „Contact” section.

If the location of the proposed construction/works is situated within the security area of the National Gas Transmission System objectives, the permit shall be issued by Transgaz Mediaș – the Maintenance-Exploitation Division.

If the location of the proposed works is not situated within the security area of the National Gas Transmission System objectives, the permit shall be issued by the regional office where the documentation has been submitted.

The emplacement permit and a copy of the documentation shall be sent to the applicant by the Romanian Mail S.A.

If for the reasons beyond the control of the issuer the permit is returned, the beneficiary/applicant/empowered person may take the permit from the headquarters of the Maintenance-Exploitation Division on G. Enescu Square, no. 11, Mediaş, or upon the written request of the beneficiary/applicant it may be sent by express and courrier services.

If the construction permit is not issued within the validity period of the emplacement permit, the beneficiary must obtain another permit according to the procedures for the initial one.  





The necessary documents in order to receive the emplacement permit for the execution of the constructions situated in the vicinity of the NTS: 

  1. Written request to SNTGN “TRANSGAZ” SA Mediaș including the identification data of the beneficiary or applicant and the subject of the request. The mail address shall also be mentioned if it differs from the beneficiary’s or applicant’s address mentioned in the request (see the sample).
  2. Explanatory Note (see the sample).
  3. Technical report on the envisaged work.
  4. Town planning consent certificate (copy).
  5. Emplacement plan, scale 1:25000 or 1:10000 –in duplicate.
  6. Situation plan, scale 1:500 or 1:1000 (or other convenient scale) to include the placement of the constructions  in the proposed location as well as the related access roads– in duplicate.

Obs: The Plans shall be approved by the sector/regional office where the construction/works are to be performed and shall include the objectives/systems of the NTS.

  1. Proof of payment of the fee related to the approval. It shall be effected in the account of the regional office.
  2. Copies of the land property documents, if appropriate.
  3. If the applicant is not the beneficiary of the construction/works, the approval documentation and the empowerment from the beneficiary shall be attached.


Sample request.

Explanatory Note sample.