1. I purchased shares in the initial public offering conducted by TRANSGAZ and have not received anything in writing stating that I have these shares.

TRANSGAZ shares, as provided also in the issue prospectus are common and ordinary registered shares issued in a dematerialized form, by registration in the account. In this case the shareholders should be aware that they will not receive any documents proving their ownership of shares, the single way they can verify the share holdings after subscription and transactions is to request this to the SC Depozitarul Central SA which keeps the register of SNTGN Transgaz SA Mediaş shareholders.

2. I own TRANSGAZ shares and I want a document to certify this. If I want to sell these shares, to whom should I address?

SC Depozitarul Central SAis the company that manages the register of TRANSGAZ shareholders, so to issue a statement of account or to amend the identifying data you should contact this company. More information is available on the website of the Central Depository: https://www.depozitarulcentral.ro/home/index.aspx

To sell or buy Transgaz shares you should contact a broker or a financial investment company.

3. I purchased shares in 2007 and did not receive dividends until 2014. What should I do?

TRANSGAZ distributed the dividends for each financial year. The payment methods and the documents required for dividend payment can be found on TRANSGAZ website: Transgaz – press release on dividend payments. Under the provisions of Article 2517 of Law no.287/2009 on the Civil Code, republished, according to which "the prescription term is 3 years”, the dividends are distributed three years after the payment start date, after this date the unpaid dividends are prescribed.

4. I went to BRD to cash the dividends and the amount received is less than the amount calculated by me with the announced dividend value? Why?

In the case of dividends, received by a Romanian natural person from a Romanian legal entity,the Romanian legal entityhas the obligation to withhold tax at source in a percentage of 16%, according to Article 67 (1) of the Tax Code. As regards the distribution of dividends to legal entities the provisions of Article 36 of the Tax Code are applicable:

(1) A Romanian legal entity that distributes / paid dividends to a Romanian legal entity has the obligation to withhold, declare and pay withheld dividend taxto the state budget, as provided in the this Article.

(2) Dividend tax is established by applying the tax rate of 16% on the gross dividend distributed / paid to a Romanian legal entity.

In conclusion, the dividend tax is a tax that is withheld at source, so that the percentage of 16% is applied to the gross amount of dividends, so the amount collected represents the value of the net dividends.